Peer Review

In order to maintain peer review fair, we enforce all authors, editors, and reviewers to have ORCID. Any suggested reviewers by the authors shall not be considered if the reviewers do not have the ORCID.

Data Ethics

Falsification of data whenever discovered shall be reported to third party watchdogs such as retraction watch. The authors who are found to be engaged in such a misconduct shall be banned from publishing with SPAST for atleast 5 years, any research grants/certificates/accoladed awarded to them by SPAST shall be taken back.

Post Publication Discussions:

All published articles at SPAST are open to replication studies in the Technical Reports section. One-page Letter to the editors are also encouraged which shall be published with each issue. However, the editorial board has the authority to deny discussions based on the merit of the scientific quality of criticisms.


Author Contributions

Each article appearing on SPAST must list the author contributions.

Security Clearances:

Authors belonging to Government security/military/defence organizations must submit a signed No-objection certificates/letters from their parent organization in order to submit or publish the contents of their articles.