Review Process

SPAST Express is a rapid peer reviewed publication platform with a turn around time of 40 days. However, the final decisions shall be made available to authors within 30 days post submission. The review process consists of two stage process.

Stage 1-Each submitted article would be first read and scrutinized by the inhouse sub-Editorial team under the supervision of the Topical Editors. Once the manuscript has passed this stage, it shall be sent out for formal peer review. The authors shall be intimated about the decision outcome within 5 days of submission.

Stage 2- Once the submission has passed stage 1, it shall be sent for peer review by atleast 2 reviewers specializing in the field. None of the articles shall be accepted without completing stage 2.

Decision. All review outcomes shall fall in the category of:

  1. Accept as it is.
  2. Accept with changes (a) Major Review (b) Minor Review.
  3. Reject
  4. Reject and Resubmit.